Text says: 2015: Year in Review. White embossed text over a green-white gradient rectangle.

2015: Year in Review

This is purely for me. It will live on this site, and I won’t be sharing it anywhere, but anyone is free to read it.
I don’t set new year’s resolutions. It seems like a fairly pointless endeavour that sets people up for failure. Life happens, things change, and new year’s resolutions are too rigid for that.

Text says: Open Letter to The Mighty. you disgust me. You disgust me with your ableism. You disgust me with the way in which you think that it's ok to mock autistic children. Your readers disgust me with their attitudes too. Text is on a notebook with a variety of purple stationery items surrounding the book.

Open letter to The Mighty

[CN: ableism]
Dear the Mighty
I’ve always referred to you as The Mighty (Awful) because that is exactly what you are: Mighty awful.
Today, however, is the final straw.
You have published articles written by autistic people which talk about ableism, and how that effects our lives on a daily basis, and then you go do this?