Text says: There is another way, and it is full of love and joy. Dark green text on a white rectangle over a brown-coloured image of glass hearts.

There is another way

I no longer feel alone as a parent of an autistic child, but there was a time when I did.
When my son was first identified as autistic, I looked for parents in similar situations. This is probably the natural thing to do. But I did not find supportive places.

Text says: I am hurting. White text on a grey circle over a solid brown background.

I am hurting

[CN on link: martyr mom, functioning labels, extreme ableism and all the horribleness that can’t be put into words]
Recently, an article was published in Huffington Post which I will link to for the benefit of those who haven’t come across the awfulness yet, but I’m linking an archived version [Please note CN above]