Text says: Are you or aren't you? White text on a green arrow to the right of a green question mark on a white background.

Are you or aren’t you?

There’s a thing that happens a lot…
Someone does something awful or says something awful about autistic people, and then when they’re called out on their awfulness, they play the “Well, how do you know I’m not autistic?”
Simply put: We don’t know whether that person is autistic or not.

Text says: Now, he can read. Black text over the image of an open book with a string tied around it to create a heart shape.

Now, he can read

At the beginning of this year, my son started his third year of school.
He could not read.
His school and his teachers were aware of this. They had realised this by the end of his first year of school. His school offered a reading recovery program for children who need extra assistance with literacy