Non-Autistic people: Sometimes, it’s not about you.

So, you’re a non-autistic person, and you see a post that is directed at Autistic people.

It may be in the form of a question that asks for specific feedback from other Autistic people. You might decide that you would like to give your feedback too. Perhaps you think that Autistic people may find value in your input even though you aren’t Autistic.

Please, stop yourself. Resist that urge to offer your insight.

Non-Autistic people: Sometimes, it’s not about you.

This is not necessarily an us vs you thing. It’s not excluding you. If we were trying to exclude you completely, then we would ask these questions in places where you wouldn’t see them at all. You can still be included by reading the input from Autistic people. You may even learn something new.

But when you comment on something that’s for Autistic people, and you are not Autistic, you tell us that you think your opinion on things that may be unique to us is more important than our opinion on it. You tell us that we aren’t allowed to have insight on issues pertaining to our own community. You tell us that you believe that your insight into us is superior to our insight.

Sometimes, it’s just not about you. Sometimes, it is about us. Sometimes, it is for us. We don’t really get to have that many things that are just for us. Please let us have the few things that we ask for.

It’s not creating a divide. It’s not pushing you out. It’s simply acknowledging that there are differences, and sometimes we want to hear from the people who are like us rather than hearing more from people who are not like us. We hear from people who are not like us all the time. You, as a non-Autistic person, hold privilege. Sometimes, we want to hear from people like us who don’t hold the same privilege. Sometimes, we want to give people the opportunity to be heard because that lack of privilege means that many Autistic people are unheard.

Sometimes, it’s not about you. Please don’t trip over your privilege and make it about you.