We need to keep fighting

This post will serve as a bit of a pep talk for me, a friend of mine, and whoever else wants (or needs) to read it.

We already know that they hate us. We already know that every time they talk about us, they dehumanise us and exclude us.

We know that they don’t see us as real people, so why do we need to keep fighting?

It seems hopeless.

It seems as though we’ll never achieve equality, so why do we hurt ourselves doing this?

Why do we shout “Stop pretending that you cannot see the pattern” when we know that many people simply just don’t care enough about us to pay attention to what we say?

We hear stories about how the shoes of our parents are so uncomfortable, and we say “Walk in our shoes… We have shoes too!” but we know that people don’t really want to hear about our shoes. They’re far more interested in empathising with our abusers. They’re far more interested in listening to stories about us that turn us into monsters.

It seems hopeless.


We need to keep fighting.

We need to keep fighting because the battles that we win today will not have to be fought tomorrow.

We need to keep fighting because our children deserve a better world that the one that we have inherited.

We need to keep fighting because even if we never see full inclusion in our lifetime, we’re paving the way for future generations.

Make no mistake. I hope that we will achieve equality during our lifetime. That hope fuels my fight. But I also accept the possibility that the extent of the inequality that currently exists may not be overcome while I’m alive to see it. That won’t dim my hope, because even if we don’t see it, I know that I will have done what I can for the people who follow me.

So, keep hoping, keep fighting, and keep believing that we’ll get there.

And to paraphrase Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: “May the bridges we burn light our way.”