To the blogger who copies my ideas

I can’t comment on your page because I was blocked from commenting on it when I told you that you had tripped over your privilege and showed the full extent of your bigotry.

Because I’m blocked on your page and I respect boundaries, I don’t comment on your blog either, but since you seem to have no problem commenting on my blog or page, I think that means that it’s ok to write this to you here. I don’t know for certain since your understanding of boundaries seems way different to mine, but here goes:

I see you. I see you publish posts with similar themes to mine. You publish them within a week or two of mine. The whole reason why I started my Facebook page was to counter this little habit of yours. It worked for a while, but I’ve started noticing the similarities again.

I also know that I’m not the only one who you copy. I have noted the similarities between posts written by other bloggers and posts “written” by you.

You’re careful in that you don’t do a direct copy/paste, but please don’t think that no one notices. I am not the only one who has noticed. I’m not even the only one who has noticed when it’s my posts that you’re copying. Other people have noticed too.

I get it. We all read each other’s posts, and I get that that when I read something, I sometimes want to add my own thoughts, but here’s the thing: when I do that, I acknowledge the source of the idea. I link back to that post, and I don’t present the thoughts of others as my own.

If I had to be truly generous, I could say that once or twice, maybe it was an inadvertent mistake. Maybe you forgot that you read it somewhere and thought that it was your own work. I’ve done that myself. I know it can happen. That’s why when a big block of text appears in my head, I google it to see whether I thought that block of text up myself or whether I read it somewhere previously. I can’t be that generous when this is not the first time that this has happened.

This is the nicest that I can be about this. If it happens again, I will be naming you.