Text says: April is Coming. Text has been removed from a green circle over a painted image of trees.

April is coming

I read this from 30 days of Autism today, and I related to it so deeply.
As an Autistic parent of an Autistic child, I would love to be able to shield my child from this aspect of our lives, but if I did, then I would be doing him a disservice.

Text says: How can you not be angry? Dark grey text on a white rectangle enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a light green background patterned with stars.

How can you not be angry?

[CN: filicide mention, curebie mention]
When people ask why I’m so angry, I want to scream:
“How can you not be?”
Aside from tone policing being completely inappropriate (read this from Autistic Hoya to find out why), I cannot understand why people seem to think that our anger is irrational.