How can you not be angry?

[CN: filicide mention, curebie mention]

When people ask why I’m so angry, I want to scream:

“How can you not be?”

Aside from tone policing being completely inappropriate (read this from Autistic Hoya to find out why), I cannot understand why people seem to think that our anger is irrational.

Our anger is not irrational. It’s a very rational reaction to a situation which is completely infuriating.

We do not have the same human rights as everyone else.

I know some people will say that if we were less angry, then maybe we would achieve equality quicker, but do those people not realise that we should have received equal human rights from the very beginning? Our human rights are already overdue.

A lot of the time, we aren’t even recognised as real people. Neurodivergent K has written about that here.

So, our human rights are overdue, and wee continue to fight for them in spite of the fact that many people don’t even see us as fully human, yet people still ask why we’re so angry.

We’re being murdered.

This year, the names of the victims who were remembered at the Disability Day of Mourning took up four large posters. Their murderers generally do not receive the same sentencing that they would have received had their victims not been disabled.

Every year, that list grows longer. Every year, incidents of abuse are treated as isolated incidents instead of being seen as part of a pattern.

In addition to that, people are talking about legislation which will make it legal to murder us when we become too much of a burden. We see those discussions, yet when we say something, we’re told that those discussions aren’t really about us; they’re about the others even though we are those others.

People want to cure us.

People argue against our existence. They want to cure us. They think again that this is about those others, but if they actually listened to us, they would know that we are those others. They don’t think that talk of curing us is offensive because they think that getting rid of us would solve our problems. It’s very hard to have any problems when we don’t exist, so whose problems are they really solving?

They do this because they ‘love’ us.

All of the above is done in the name of love. We don’t have the same human rights because the people who ‘love’ us think that we’re incapable of having them. We get murdered because the people who ‘love’ us don’t want us to suffer. We hear talk of cure everywhere because the people who ‘love’ us don’t want anyone else to be burdened by us.

That’s not love. That’s the opposite of love, so when people ask why me why am I so angry, I wonder why they are not.