Shiny and Cool?

Guest post by Seren Guinness

[CN: gender bashing; ableist language; mention of Orlando shooting]

So today I got banned from Facebook for violating community standards.  My crime? Reporting, commenting on and asking others to report a meme posted by the page ‘Shiny and cool and many more pleasing adjectives describing our memes etc’ which states that the only genders are male and female and anything else is a mental disorder.

My reporting of this page resulted in a ‘does not violate our community standards’ result.

Neurodivergent people are more likely than the neurotypical population to identify as other than strict man/woman gender, according to various research.  This is an attack not only on people who are gender non-conforming but also on neurodivergent people.

So while I sit out my 24hr ban from a platform that provides me with human contact, information about things I need to access for health reasons and support groups I rely on daily, this meme and page are still operational.

Facebook repeatedly fails to remove highly offensive, abusive, triggering and violent content.  But someone who is standing up against this victimizing of people gets banned.

For clarity, I identify as a heterosexual woman.  I stand with my fellow human beings who are subjected to this violation of their rights as human beings. Given the recent horrific events in Orlando, standing by and ‘not feeding the trolls’ (as was suggested by one person – white cisgender heterosexual man) is not an option.  We have to stand up against this kind of hate speech wherever we find it. Otherwise we are part of the problem.