I am Autistic, and I am a non-binary person. For most of my life, I passed as neurotypical (NT). I lived in the NT box, and I struggled. Now, I have “un-boxed my brain,” and I am practicing living authentically as an Autistic person.

I started this blog in July 2015 when I was fairly directly involved in advocacy work. I started burning out in December 2015, and by the end of June 2016, I had reached one of the lowest points of my adult life. It was then that a series of arguments happened, and I made the decision to close down this site because I couldn’t see the purpose of it anymore. A month later, I realised that this site was still important to me, and I resurrected it.

This site is still important to me, but I am also still dealing with fluctuating energy levels and wording abilities. I aim to continue writing, but I’ve also had to give myself permission to take breaks when needed.

I am not a trailblazer. I never intended to break new ground with this blog, and there are frequent posts where I link to blogs written by other Autistic people. This is because I believe that it is important to amplify the voices of Autistic people, and acknowledge that many have come before me, and many will follow me.If you would like to find more blogs to read and follow, this list is a reasonable starting point.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so here.