Un-Boxed Brain

C is for Culture

Writing about culture in relation to the neurodiversity movement is a little daunting because this is still a very fluid construct, so while I’m going to do my best to do the topic justice, I can’t declare this to be any sort of definitive account. I should start by saying that when I think of culture, I …

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A is for Autonomy

Autonomy and self-determination are principles that we talk a lot about within the neurodiversity movement, but what do we mean by this? How is this relevant to Autistic people? “The autonomy of persons to make decisions, while taking responsibility for those decisions and respecting the autonomy of others, is to be respected. For persons who …

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Whitesplaining apartheid

I’m hesitant to write this post because I grew up on the privileged side of apartheid. As an English speaking white South African child, my white skin gave me a huge advantage in a society where segregation of racial groups was enforced through legislation. I have seen memes and posts that equate the way that disabled …

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