Un-Boxed Brain

How can you not be angry?

[CN: filicide mention, curebie mention] When people ask why I’m so angry, I want to scream: “How can you not be?” Aside from tone policing being completely inappropriate (read this from Autistic Hoya to find out why), I cannot understand why people seem to think that our anger is irrational. Our anger is not irrational. …

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A harsh truth

You may have grown up being unaware that you are a member of a minority group. This happens a lot with autistic people who discover that we’re autistic as adults. We’ve always been autistic, but finding out that we are may compel us to find out more about ourselves. It may motivate us to seek out fellow …

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We feel your hate

[CN: Assisted dying; filicide] Imagine watching people debate the value of your life, using words like ‘burden’ and ‘suffering’ (not your suffering; theirs), and discussing whether there is a way to determine the quantitative value of your existence. Imagine reading the words of the latest person to weigh in on the debate, and reading who …

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