Text says: The nope train. White embossed text onn a white square over a green-coloured image of a steam train. A ticket under the text indicates day three.

Let’s ride the nope train {Day Three}

Welcome to the third day of our journey on the nope train.
I realise that this might be getting tiresome for some people, so I want to take a moment to explain why I’m doing this. I’m doing this for the parents of newly identified autistic children – the parents who are in the early stages of seeking support.

Text says: The word: Neurodivergent (coined by Kassiane Sibley). White text on a dark grey circle over a purple background.

The word: Neurodivergent

Erasure is a problem when people write about the neurodiversity movement. It is generally acknowledged that an Australian white academic coined the term neurodiversity, but the fact that the same person did not contribute to the neurodiversity movement in any way that could be called positive is seldom mentioned.
In fact, she did the opposite