Text says: My dilemma. Green painted text with paint splatters and a paintbrush over a green-white gradient background.

My dilemma

I love writing and typing my thoughts onto a screen.
There is so much I want to write about, and so many thoughts I want to share. But when I do, I get so anxious and I want to hide…
It’s my dilemma.
I get anxious that people won’t want to read my words.

Text says: The long slow slide to burn out. Dark Green text over a green coloured explosion shape which looks like it's been cut out of paper.

The long slow slide to burn out

I blog a lot about autistic rights, and how we’re oppressed, and what we need to be equal, but I don’t always write about the challenges I face. This leads people to assume that I’m maybe just slightly quirky and I don’t really have support needs. So, today, I’m inviting you in to one of my more difficult areas

Text says: Are you or aren't you? White text on a green arrow to the right of a green question mark on a white background.

Are you or aren’t you?

There’s a thing that happens a lot…
Someone does something awful or says something awful about autistic people, and then when they’re called out on their awfulness, they play the “Well, how do you know I’m not autistic?”
Simply put: We don’t know whether that person is autistic or not.