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Autism Parent Bingo

Autism parent bingo can help ease those feelings of discomfort when we interact with parents of autistic children.
A lot of parents of autistic children blog and talk about the hardship of parenting their children. They use words like burden, marriage stress, and talk about wanting a ‘normal’ life. They won’t listen to autistic adults when we say that there is another way.

Text says: The difference between a tantrum and a meltdown. White embossed text on a white-green gradient background.

The difference between a tantrum and a meltdown

You probably clicked on this title because you want to find out the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown. I’ll tell you what I’ve read others say about these differences.
A tantrum is often described as an outburst from a child when they want something. In contrast, a meltdown is described as a reaction to feeling overwhelmed.

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My dilemma

I love writing and typing my thoughts onto a screen.
There is so much I want to write about, and so many thoughts I want to share. But when I do, I get so anxious and I want to hide…
It’s my dilemma.
I get anxious that people won’t want to read my words.

Text says: The long slow slide to burn out. Dark Green text over a green coloured explosion shape which looks like it's been cut out of paper.

The long slow slide to burn out

I blog a lot about autistic rights, and how we’re oppressed, and what we need to be equal, but I don’t always write about the challenges I face. This leads people to assume that I’m maybe just slightly quirky and I don’t really have support needs. So, today, I’m inviting you in to one of my more difficult areas

Text says: That path to acceptance is still available to you. It's there and we're still waiting. Black text on an image of flowers on a light reed(pink) background.

To parents of autistic children

Dear Parents of autistic children,
I am tired. I am tired of having pointless conversations with you. They’re pointless because within the first few minutes, I can predict the direction in which the conversation will go.
Rarely, the conversation goes in a positive direction. To those parents, I want to say thank you.