Text says: An apology to my feet. Green-yellow text on a white rectangle over a green-yellow textured background.

An apology to my feet

I spend a lot of time barefoot.
There are a couple of reasons why I do this. I have always had a fair amount of hypermobility, although this is decreasing as I age. But, it does mean that my ankles tend to be on the wobbly side, and if I don’t concentrate while I walk,

Text says: Our rhythm allows us to balance our individual needs in our own unique way. We may march to the beat of a different drummer – but we’re still marching. Dark green text on a white square enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a photography of a leaf.

Finding our Rhythm

I’m a sole parent. I differentiate between sole parent and single parent because my son simply does not have another parent in his life. A lot of people think that fact makes our lives difficult, but it really doesn’t.
We’re actually incredibly fortunate. We’re fortunate because I don’t have to negotiate my parenting style with another person.

Text says: You don't get to call for unity while continuing to silence the people that you're requesting unity with. Grey text on a semi-transparent white square over a photo of hands being held in an interlocked position.

Calls for unity and moving on

I don’t write much about Autism Speaks for a few reasons. Mainly, my level of horror in response to the things that they say and do prevents me from writing anything. Secondary to that, I’m fortunate to live in Australia where we remain somewhat free of their influence.

Text says: Why the false dichotomy? Why do people believe that if you're not hopping on the awareness bandwagon, you're not contributing towards change? Grey text on a white square over a brown textured background.

False Dichotomies

This thing has been bugging me for a little while now, and I think I’ve finally figured out what it is.
When I have expressed my lack of appreciation (to put it mildly) for pointless, and sometimes harmful, awareness campaigns like Drawtism and SilentSelfie, I’ve been accused of doing nothing because I won’t participate in those campaigns.