Un-Boxed Brain

How not to Science

[CN: Emotional Manipulation; Gaslighting; Unethical “experimentation”; mention of Hitler for some reason?] Yes, I’ve used science as a verb. People are just going to have to deal with that because I simply don’t know what to call this post. I could call it How Not to Parent but I no longer know if the initial …

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Out Wrestle Ableism

[CN: Ableism, Awareness, ABA] I’m unsure how to start this post. I’ve been staring at this screen for a little while now. I’ve typed a few words and deleted them, but I’m still struggling to find the words, so I guess I’ll just start: Last year, my son started learning to read. I wrote about …

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Not like riding a bike

There’s that saying “It’s like riding a bike!” which means Said of skill that, once learned, is never forgotten. Why does that saying exist? I imagine that for neurotypical people, many skills that they learn tend to work like that. You learn it once and then you never really have to learn it from the …

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