Text says: I am no longer offended. I'm harmed. I'm dehumanised. I'm outraged. I'm not really surprised though. Green text on a white square between decorative quotation marks over a green textured background.

No Longer Offended

I came across a meme the other day created from a tumblr post. It’s not the first time that I have encountered this particular sentiment, but I wanted to address this topic because I’m tired of seeing sentiments like the one I saw in that particular meme.

Text says: No such thing as normal? Embossed green and white text on a green background surrounded by a variety of objects including an old-fashioned megaphone, a paper rocket, an ice cream and confetti.

No such thing as normal?

[CN: Sanism] I hear/read this comment a lot: “There’s no such thing as normal!” On one hand, the people who make that comment are correct: “Normal” is a completely socially constructed concept. What is considered to be normal varies from place to place, so “normal” isn’t a thing that objectively exists.

Text says: Shervices. White embossed text over a brown-coloured photograph of a shoe-wearing person walking on a railway line.


[CN: Filicide]
It’s happened again. A young woman is dead. Her mother is her murderer. Instead of widespread condemnation, media reports have focused on how the victim was a burden and the murderer was a “model mother”.
Predictably, comments about this have included the usual rhetoric about shoes, services, and every other excuse available.

Text says: Disconnect to reconnect. White text over old computer parts on a green background.

Disconnect to Reconnect

I made a meme which I planned to share on my Facebook page. As I was uploading it, it occurred to me that some people might misconstrue the words.
Sometimes I do need to disconnect so that I can reconnect. This does is not because I disapprove of social media, or the way in which people use technology.

Text says: I don't identify as... I am. White text over a green rough circle on an off-white background.

I don’t identify as…

This is something that is beginning to evoke an almost physical response in me: “People who identify as…”
I see it a lot in discussions about gender when people say “people who identify as a different gender to the one they were assigned at birth”. I have also seen it when people say “people who identify as autistic”.

Text says: I don't exist (or the colour blue). Green text on a white rectangle over a green textured background.

I don’t exist (or the colour blue)

[CN: pathologisation of homosexuality and autism, erasure, liub]
Do you ever get that itchy feeling in your brain where you know that there’s an idea just under the surface of consciousness, but you can’t quite connect the dots?
I do.
The first little itch happened last year while I was reading about the historical pathologisation of homosexuality.