Un-Boxed Brain

Defiantly Here

Six weeks or so ago, I packed my brain back into its box, closed down Un-Boxed Brain and left all social media. I was done. I was finished. I was broken. I thought that that was the end of blogging about being autistic for me. I thought that because I was told in no uncertain …

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My heart shattered

[CN: Mass shootings; ableist and sanist slurs] When I saw the first reports of the Orlando shooting, it was just as I was about to go to sleep, and I shut myself off from reading any of them with the words “Oh, it’s happened again.” I had to do that because if I didn’t, I …

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We don’t experience discrimination anymore?

I read something yesterday morning that made me deeply uncomfortable. An autistic person claimed that we hardly ever experience discrimination anymore. That statement has swirled around in my head for almost two days now. It’s strange that anyone would claim such a thing – especially an autistic person who surely experiences some discrimination directly. Maybe …

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