Text says: Stop trying to separate people into groups who do and don't deserve human rights based on arbitrary measures that have overwhelmingly been constructed by people who hold all the privilege. White text over a green background decorated with circles.

Stop throwing people under the bus

Way too often, I see the following statement made by either parents of autistic children or by autistic people themselves:
“Autism is not a mental illness.”
So, you don’t want autistic people and/or their families to experience the stigma that people with mental illnesses face, right? Autism is ok because it’s not like those other forms of neurodivergence, right?

Text says: Awareness cannot lead to acceptance. Sponge-text on a sign over a variety of decorative elements including popcorn, clouds, and confetti.

Awareness cannot lead to acceptance

It seems that every time that an Autistic person says “I don’t want your awareness”, someone else comes along and says that without awareness, we’ll never gain acceptance.
That is such a ridiculous argument.
It wouldn’t be ridiculous if autism awareness campaigns focused on making society aware of what can be done to accommodate us.

Text says: Tomorrow / How would neurotypical people feel? Green text over a green patterned background.


[CN: Early detection; early intervention]
I read this last night. Australia’s first autism biobank officially opens tomorrow. If I wasn’t so overwhelmingly sad, this would make me angry, but it just makes me sad.
From the article:
“Nearly 5,000 samples of blood, hair and urine, taken from autistic children, their parents and a control group,…

Text says: No one declared you a Guardian of Grammar. Grey text over a purple-coloured image of rain falling on a pavement. Above the text is a cloud-shaped balloon.

Dear Grammar Police

I generally try and refrain from cursing in my blog posts. But, for Grammar Police, I have two words: F*ck Off!
If you’re a teacher or an academic, who is responsible for correcting your students’ grammar and spelling, by all means, go right ahead and do that.

Text says: April is Coming. Text has been removed from a green circle over a painted image of trees.

April is coming

I read this from 30 days of Autism today, and I related to it so deeply.
As an Autistic parent of an Autistic child, I would love to be able to shield my child from this aspect of our lives, but if I did, then I would be doing him a disservice.