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E is for Erasure

by Neurodivergent K from Radical Neurodivergence Speaking E is for Erasure That’s what it sounds like. When your words, your work, your existence are erased from the conversation, from the dialog. From history. From the present. We have an erasure problem. First there’s the erasure of Autistic voices. Everywhere you look during awareness season, you …

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D is for Defiance

by Klynne Keyes from Autistic Musings about Stuff and Things Defiance I was “that child”.  My behavior was called defiant, obstinate, naughty, contrary, difficult, spirited, lazy, overly emotional, giving attitude and unaffectionate. There was a whole shelf of books on my Mom’s bookshelf dedicated to my “defiant behaviors” and parenting books with strategies to end my …

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B is for Bias

by Manuel Díaz from Neurodivergencia Latina Bias: From Normalization to Neurodiversity Society is full of biases. The media and the press are biased towards what they decide to report (or not report, for that matter). People in general have a bias to seek out what is convenient for them personally. Moreover, there are societal concepts that were …

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