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Assessing Autism Organisations

A question that people seem to ask a lot is “Is this a good autism organisation?” This seems to happen after after realising that some autism organisations are problematic. This post is not going to mention any specific organisation. Rather, I intend to outline some of the things that I consider to figure out whether an autism organisation is problematic.

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Shiny and Cool?

by Seren Guinness [CN: gender bashing; ableist language; mention of Orlando shooting] So today I got banned from Facebook for violating community standards. My crime? Reporting, commenting on and asking others to report a meme posted by the page ‘Shiny and cool and many more pleasing adjectives describing our memes etc’

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My heart shattered

[CN: Mass shootings; ableist and sanist slurs]
When I saw the first reports of the Orlando shooting, it was just as I was about to go to sleep, and I shut myself off from reading any of them with the words “Oh, it’s happened again.” I had to do that

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Cis people: We need to talk.

I’ve written a couple of things about gender, and both times, people have expressed interest in hearing more.
I have mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I’m quite happy to speak openly about my gender being outside of the socially constructed binary of man and woman…