Text says: The other s-word. Purple text on a white circle over a purple patterned background.

The other “S word”

[CN: Discussion of ableist language]
In our house, we have two “S words”. The first one is shit. I’m allowed to say shit. My son is not. He will get cursing privileges when he’s older. The other “S word” is stupid. Neither my son nor I say that word in our house.

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Calls for unity and moving on

I don’t write much about Autism Speaks for a few reasons. Mainly, my level of horror in response to the things that they say and do prevents me from writing anything. Secondary to that, I’m fortunate to live in Australia where we remain somewhat free of their influence.

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Thoughts on autism research

[CN: cures, research, functioning labels]
Yesterday, I shared a link on my personal Facebook page, and expressed my strong disapproval of it. This led to a discussion with someone who is currently studying psychology, and that’s really awesome because if he can hear a different perspective now then that means in future he may become a better psychologist

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How to plan an “awareness!!!” campaign

If I have learned anything over the weekend, it is that “awareness!!!” campaigns are really, really important to some people. I’m not entirely sure why because, for the most part, awareness campaigns are just icky.
There are a lot of problems with the way awareness is raised. Most often, they focus on the pathology paradigm.