Text says: Awareness is useless. Grey text on a semi-transparent white square over a purple background in which a stop sign can be seen.

Awareness is useless

“We need to raise awareness!!!” scream the campaigners, before going off to create a campaign that excludes the very people that they’re raising awareness for. For an example, have a look at endsteptember.
What does all this raising awareness actually accomplish?? What is gained by raising awareness?? Absolutely nothing is what is accomplished.

Text says: Everywhere & Nowhere. White embossed text on a green background.

Everywhere and Nowhere

It’s seems that I’ve gone from being nowhere to being everywhere. It’s a little overwhelming and I’m still unpacking it.
I’ve been on the fringes of advocacy for a little while, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve been an active advocate. I think this is mostly because I sort of believed …

Text says: Something's wrong. Green text on a photo of a graph notebook with a broken pencil on it.

Something’s wrong

[Content note: ABA, gaslighting]
Something happened over the past few days which has just not ended. It should have ended – several times – but it hasn’t. For me, though, for now, though, it’s ended. I’m done with it – but I’m not quite *done* with it.