Human Rights

Australian Autistics: It’s time to tend our own backyard

I’ve noticed a little bit of a worrying trend. Many Australian autistic people (myself included – I’m not pointing fingers) tend to focus so much on American autistic people that we lose focus of the things that are happening here, right in our own backyard. This is probably because American autistic people are really inspiring. …

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Awareness is useless

“We need to raise awareness!!!” scream the campaigners, before going off to create a campaign that excludes the very people that they’re raising awareness about. For an example, have a look at endsteptember. What does all this raising awareness actually accomplish?? What is gained by raising awareness?? Absolutely nothing is what is accomplished. By this time, …

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Something’s wrong

[Content note: ABA, gaslighting] Something happened over the past few days which has just not ended. It should have ended – several times – but it hasn’t. For me, though, for now, though, it’s ended. I’m done with it – but I’m not quite *done* with it. I have words in my head that need …

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