Text says: Shervices. White embossed text over a brown-coloured photograph of a shoe-wearing person walking on a railway line.


[CN: Filicide]
It’s happened again. A young woman is dead. Her mother is her murderer. Instead of widespread condemnation, media reports have focused on how the victim was a burden and the murderer was a “model mother”.
Predictably, comments about this have included the usual rhetoric about shoes, services, and every other excuse available.

Text says: I don't identify as... I am. White text over a green rough circle on an off-white background.

I don’t identify as…

This is something that is beginning to evoke an almost physical response in me: “People who identify as…”
I see it a lot in discussions about gender when people say “people who identify as a different gender to the one they were assigned at birth”. I have also seen it when people say “people who identify as autistic”.

Text says: Spectrum Nope. Green text on a black circle over a photo of tomatoes which have been digitally recoloured in the colours of a rainbow.

Spectrum Nope

[CN: Functioning labels]
I spent several hours creating an image today to address misconceptions about the word spectrum. I’m not entirely happy with the finished product, but there comes a time to walk away before too many hours are expended doing the same thing.

Text says: Whitesplaining Apartheid. Text looks like it is a sticker which has been adhered to a green and grey patterned background.

Whitesplaining apartheid

I’m hesitant to write this post because I grew up on the privileged side of apartheid. As an English speaking white South African child, my white skin gave me a huge advantage in a society where segregation of racial groups was enforced through legislation.
I have seen memes and posts that equate the way that disabled people are treated with apartheid.

Text says: Stop trying to separate people into groups who do and don't deserve human rights based on arbitrary measures that have overwhelmingly been constructed by people who hold all the privilege. White text over a green background decorated with circles.

Stop throwing people under the bus

Way too often, I see the following statement made by either parents of autistic children or by autistic people themselves:
“Autism is not a mental illness.”
So, you don’t want autistic people and/or their families to experience the stigma that people with mental illnesses face, right? Autism is ok because it’s not like those other forms of neurodivergence, right?

Text says: Tomorrow / How would neurotypical people feel? Green text over a green patterned background.


[CN: Early detection; early intervention]
I read this last night. Australia’s first autism biobank officially opens tomorrow. If I wasn’t so overwhelmingly sad, this would make me angry, but it just makes me sad.
From the article:
“Nearly 5,000 samples of blood, hair and urine, taken from autistic children, their parents and a control group,…