Text says: Open Letter to The Mighty. you disgust me. You disgust me with your ableism. You disgust me with the way in which you think that it's ok to mock autistic children. Your readers disgust me with their attitudes too. Text is on a notebook with a variety of purple stationery items surrounding the book.

Open letter to The Mighty

[CN: ableism]
Dear the Mighty
I’ve always referred to you as The Mighty (Awful) because that is exactly what you are: Mighty awful.
Today, however, is the final straw.
You have published articles written by autistic people which talk about ableism, and how that effects our lives on a daily basis, and then you go do this?

Text says: How much poorer would society be without the diversity that autistic people add to it? Dark green text on a white square enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a green-yellow patterned background.

Talking about preventing autism is offensive

[CN: Prevention of autism]
What’s offensive about talking about preventing autism?
I can’t even believe that this question was asked, but it was. On Twitter, I had to keep my response brief, but I have this space to put down detailed thoughts.
So, why is talking about preventing autism offensive?
Let’s consider what autism is, from an autistic person’s perspective.

Test says: Stop pretending you cannot see the pattern. Look! See! Understand why we are angry. Dark green text on a white square enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a green patterned background.

I am tired

[CN: Abuse]
I am tired. I am tired of being angry.
I took a study break today to discover yet another media report about the abuse of autistic children in Australian schools.
Let’s take a moment to list the media reports related to the abuse of autistic adults and children that have occurred over the past few months: