Text says: maybe i understoof you perfectly. Grey embossed text on a dark green square over a light green background.

Maybe I understood you perfectly

[TW: Seclusion/Restraint]
An article was recently published which alleges that a box was constructed for the seclusion of Autistic people at a site operated by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), which is one of Australia’s autism service providers. They say they’re the largest and they probably are because they’ve gobbled up other smaller service providers.

Text says: I stand with Kassiane. Dark green text on a white rectangle over a light green textured background.

I stand with Kassiane

A thing happened over the weekend, and I expected that people in my community would say “this is not ok”, and a notable few did, but the large majority didn’t.
This was horrible for me, because I’m just a baby activist, and if the community doesn’t rally around someone who has given them so much,

Text says: I am hurting. White text on a grey circle over a solid brown background.

I am hurting

[CN on link: martyr mom, functioning labels, extreme ableism and all the horribleness that can’t be put into words]
Recently, an article was published in Huffington Post which I will link to for the benefit of those who haven’t come across the awfulness yet, but I’m linking an archived version [Please note CN above]

Text says: 1. Functioning labels are completely inaccurate and ableist. 2. Acceptance is not conditional. 3. People who make conditional acceptance statements assume too much. Black text on a white square on a yellow-green watercolour textured background.

But, what about ‘those other autistic kids’?

[CN: Functioning labels; Example of racism]
People can be very predictable. Because interpreting social situations as they occur is problematic for me, I tend to focus on patterns to predict people’s responses. People inevitably fulfill those patterns.
One very noticeable pattern is the reaction that people have to posts or memes that call for acceptance, or call out ableist and ignorant attitudes.

Text says: We're allowed to judge. Green text on a white rectangle over a green illustration of scales.

We’re allowed to judge

[CN: filicide]
Accusations of being judgmental are regularly thrown around, mostly as a way to silence people when they say ‘this is wrong’.
I’ve often wondered when we stopped being allowed to judge. I know, from my younger days when I attended church, that there may be some religious aspect to the notion that we can’t judge.