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Everywhere and Nowhere

It’s seems that I’ve gone from being nowhere to being everywhere. It’s a little overwhelming and I’m still unpacking it.
I’ve been on the fringes of advocacy for a little while, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve been an active advocate. I think this is mostly because I sort of believed …

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Think too much

This morning I woke up in my own private version of hell. People were pruning trees outside my place and putting the bits that they trimmed off through a wood chipper. It was loud. And, then while my brain was saying too loud, too loud, too loud, I checked my messages

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Rusty Halo

There seems to be a recurring theme among disability communities that parents and families of disabled people are perceived as some sort of superhuman, angelic, saintlike people… Guess what? We’re not. We’re just people. Some of us are good people, some of us aren’t that good. But, what everyone seems to forget in these discussions of sainthood …

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Insight: ‘Coming out’ as autistic

Over the past few weeks, I have slowly been ‘coming out’ as autistic to my friends. I’ve had some mixed responses and I just need to unpack two of those a little bit…
I’ve had one ‘friend’ who has outright rejected me. She interrogated me demanding an explanation for why it is important to me to embrace my identity.