Text says: I am no longer offended. I'm harmed. I'm dehumanised. I'm outraged. I'm not really surprised though. Green text on a white square between decorative quotation marks over a green textured background.

No Longer Offended

I came across a meme the other day created from a tumblr post. It’s not the first time that I have encountered this particular sentiment, but I wanted to address this topic because I’m tired of seeing sentiments like the one I saw in that particular meme.

Text says: Disconnect to reconnect. White text over old computer parts on a green background.

Disconnect to Reconnect

I made a meme which I planned to share on my Facebook page. As I was uploading it, it occurred to me that some people might misconstrue the words.
Sometimes I do need to disconnect so that I can reconnect. This does is not because I disapprove of social media, or the way in which people use technology.

Text says: I don't exist (or the colour blue). Green text on a white rectangle over a green textured background.

I don’t exist (or the colour blue)

[CN: pathologisation of homosexuality and autism, erasure, liub]
Do you ever get that itchy feeling in your brain where you know that there’s an idea just under the surface of consciousness, but you can’t quite connect the dots?
I do.
The first little itch happened last year while I was reading about the historical pathologisation of homosexuality.

Text says: Awareness cannot lead to acceptance. Sponge-text on a sign over a variety of decorative elements including popcorn, clouds, and confetti.

Awareness cannot lead to acceptance

It seems that every time that an Autistic person says “I don’t want your awareness”, someone else comes along and says that without awareness, we’ll never gain acceptance.
That is such a ridiculous argument.
It wouldn’t be ridiculous if autism awareness campaigns focused on making society aware of what can be done to accommodate us.