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Are you or aren’t you?

There’s a thing that happens a lot…
Someone does something awful or says something awful about autistic people, and then when they’re called out on their awfulness, they play the “Well, how do you know I’m not autistic?”
Simply put: We don’t know whether that person is autistic or not.

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A taste of acceptance

Yesterday, I heard the news that Jonah Lomu, a former rugby player for New Zealand, passed away.
I have never met Jonah Lomu. But, I have bittersweet memories of the 1995 World Cup. He played such a central role in New Zealand reaching the finals.
For a month, I was able to connect with my father.

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Think before you tag

Autistic activists do a lot of stuff, including fighting for change, on social media. Personally, it’s where I’m most comfortable because I communicate best in writing.
Of course, there are times when we need to take the fight offline. We do that too, but a lot of it is online – often in the comments sections on Facebook.

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Why do people not read the thing?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed a troubling pattern. People state their opinions without reading the thing that they’re stating their opinion about.
It causes a lot of unnecessary conflict. When someone opposes something that I’ve written, I work on the assumption that they have actually read it.

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Don’t should at me!

It irritates me when someone tells me that I should do something. It elicits an instant reaction of “no!” from me. If the same person were to make the same suggestion, but start it with “could you do this?” I would be far more willing to listen to the suggestion. I would even consider doing the thing.