Text says: I would walk 500 miles. White text on a grey circle over a red-coloured photo of shoes.

I would walk 500 miles

[CN: filicide, abusive therapies, walk in my shoes]
Recently, Michelle Sutton published an article in The Huffington Post that points out that parents, the media and “awareness!” organisations (scare quotes intentional) tend to say overwhelmingly negative things about raising autistic children, and, of course, someone decided to comment on her article saying ‘walk in my shoes’.

Text says: From little things, big things grow. Green text on a white square over a green-coloured photo of trees.

From little things, big things grow

[CN: ABA mention] I often get involved in debates with parents of autistic children. These debates revolve around the idea that if they shove their kids into intensive behavioural modification therapies, they believe that they’re doing the best thing for their child. They’re not.
Many autistic adults have objected to behavioural modification therapies.

Text says: Under Pressure. White text over a green image of an old pressure gauge.

Under pressure

I woke up this morning experiencing something that I can only describe as an ’emotional hangover’. I think all the emotions I experienced yesterday took more of a toll on me than I expected, and everything was just too much.
I tried to ignore that feeling of too much, until a really innocent comment

Text says: Fun is something that you can only evaluate after the fact. Green text on a semi-transparent white square over a green coloured photo of a toy sheep in a can.

Good Clean Fun

There are some words that cause a physical reaction for me that is similar to anger. Manage is one of those words, and I’ve written about that before. Fun is another one of those words.
What?? I don’t like fun? No, I do like having fun. I love the concept of fun.