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April: Neurodiversity Blog Link Up Details

Last year for April, to counteract the yucky awareness-related information avalanche, I compiled an A-Z series of neurodiversity-related posts. You can read those posts here. I thoroughly enjoyed compiling that series, and I was considering redoing it this year. But, after giving it some more thought, I’ve decided to do something different: A neurodiversity blog…

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Assessing Autism Organisations

A question that people seem to ask a lot is “Is this a good autism organisation?” This seems to happen after after realising that some autism organisations are problematic. This post is not going to mention any specific organisation. Rather, I intend to outline some of the things that I consider to figure out whether an autism organisation is problematic.

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No such thing as normal?

[CN: Sanism] I hear/read this comment a lot: “There’s no such thing as normal!” On one hand, the people who make that comment are correct: “Normal” is a completely socially constructed concept. What is considered to be normal varies from place to place, so “normal” isn’t a thing that objectively exists.

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Z is for Zig Zag

by Michelle Sutton from Michelle Sutton Writes. Z is for Zig Zag. Getting to know yourself is not a straight forward process. I don’t think any of us expect it to be. So, it’s a little surprising to notice that people often want to know the “simplest way to know” if their child is Autistic

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Y is for You

If you’re reading this, then this post is for you. If you are neurotypical, This post is for you because neurodiversity means all brains. I know we spend a lot of time writing about neurotypical people and it may seem like we hate you, but we don’t. We hate the oppression that we experience…