Text says: 1. Functioning labels are completely inaccurate and ableist. 2. Acceptance is not conditional. 3. People who make conditional acceptance statements assume too much. Black text on a white square on a yellow-green watercolour textured background.

But, what about ‘those other autistic kids’?

[CN: Functioning labels; Example of racism]
People can be very predictable. Because interpreting social situations as they occur is problematic for me, I tend to focus on patterns to predict people’s responses. People inevitably fulfill those patterns.
One very noticeable pattern is the reaction that people have to posts or memes that call for acceptance, or call out ableist and ignorant attitudes.

Text says: Why we need our allies. Green text on a white square over a green textured background.

Why we need our allies

My infographic from this post was shared by Unstrange Mind on Facebook, and it led to some debate, so I wanted to explain why I made that infographic, and also explain what I meant by allies.
Why do we need our allies?
Specifically, in Australia, the neurodiversity movement is small, and it consists of very few people.

Text says: Bad Day. White text on a grey circle over a brown to green gradient background.

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day, and the feelings have spilled over into today. I don’t really want to go into all the details because it’s still too raw; it’s still too upsetting.

In an effort to distract myself from all those feelings, I created this infographic.