Quietly seething

It’s times like these when I wish that I was still more involved in advocacy, but I know that I don’t really have the resources that I need to be able to do much effective advocacy, so all I can do is quietly seethe while watching the world.

I’ve been quiet. I haven’t said anything about Pauline Hanson’s comments, and here’s why:

Text says: Food, Food, Food. It’s not ok to: 1. Force your children to eat something that makes them gag; and/or 2. Mock or shame them because they don’t eat what you eat. Purple text on a semi-transparent white square over a purple-coloured image of onions and garlic.

Food, Food, Food

This is an edited version of a post originally published on Respectfully Connected
I see many parents of autistic children complaining (or worse, mocking) their children’s limited diets.
This is not ok.
I experience a wide range of texture issues when it comes to food (mashed potatoes, most definitely no thank you!).

Text says: April is Coming. Text has been removed from a green circle over a painted image of trees.

April is coming

I read this from 30 days of Autism today, and I related to it so deeply.
As an Autistic parent of an Autistic child, I would love to be able to shield my child from this aspect of our lives, but if I did, then I would be doing him a disservice.

Text says: But special interests are elusive. You can't seek them out... You can't force that journey. It just has to happen." Green text on a white square over a green-coloured texture with stars on it.

Floating in Endless Space

My son and I have not been in the chilled out space that we are usually in. We’ve lost the rhythm that is usually present in our family. But I’ve finally realised the problem:
Neither of us have a special interest at the moment.
This has never happened to us before.