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Making a Connection

A few years ago, my son’s former Occupational Therapist recommended a social skills program. My son attended one session of the six week program. They focused on “making a connection”. That was code for insisting that autistic children make eye contact, so I withdrew him from that program.
But making eye contact is not the focus of this post.

Text says: It’s up to me to invite him to play on the edges of his comfort zone so that gradually his comfort zone increases in size. If he says no to the invitation, then it’s my responsibility to respect that. Green text over a light brown patterned background.

Respect the NO!

My son has every right to say no to me, and when he does I respect that.
There are times when I will ask him why he has said no. Often I’ll find out that I haven’t been clear in the way in my communication. That gives us the opportunity to work together to find a compromise that works for both of us.

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Would I share my child’s worst day?

Parents of Autistic children are often told that in order to access support services, you need to base your story on your child’s worst day. I have heard this many times. I have often had applications for services and support declined because I didn’t tell them about my son’s worst days.