Text says: Stop wallowing. Start living. Start focusing on what you have, rather than what you don't have. Green text on a white square enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a textured green background.

Spitting Fire

I’m so angry right now that I could spit fire.
On Friday, I spoke with a journalist who was writing an article about parenting autistic children. I hate speaking to people on the phone. It is something that I am not good at, and it uses up a lot of spoons …

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Good Clean Fun

There are some words that cause a physical reaction for me that is similar to anger. Manage is one of those words, and I’ve written about that before. Fun is another one of those words.
What?? I don’t like fun? No, I do like having fun. I love the concept of fun.

Text says: Here's the thing: I don't manage my son. I don't even try to manage my son because my son does not require management. Green text on a semi-transparent white square over a green watercolour background.

I don’t manage my son

Recently, I read something on a site aimed at providing support to parents of autistic children that made me feel uncomfortable. Like many of these types of sites, it was the typical story of woe and hardship experienced by parents and it was filled with ableist assumptions.

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Rusty Halo

There seems to be a recurring theme among disability communities that parents and families of disabled people are perceived as some sort of superhuman, angelic, saintlike people… Guess what? We’re not. We’re just people. Some of us are good people, some of us aren’t that good. But, what everyone seems to forget in these discussions of sainthood …