Random Rambles

I said NO!

I have an exam on Thursday, but I’m struggling to concentrate because I’m experiencing an issue with someone who seems unwilling to respect basic boundaries. I could have called this post “The Saga of the List Continues”. I’m going to summarise what has happened to date. I’m doing this, in a public post on my …

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Which way is up?

[CN: Reference to drowning, depression] I wrote this a few months ago. I didn’t share it then because I wasn’t in the right head space to do so. I’m in a better head space now, and I know which way is up. So, I’ve decided to share this post in the hopes that people who …

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Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

People who follow the Facebook page for this site will probably have noticed that I have mostly recuperated from all the things this year, and I thought I would take a moment before the end of the year to outline a few changes I have decided on regarding the future of Un-Boxed Brain. But “the …

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