Text says: Which way is up? White text on a dark grey circle on a green background. Two flourescent light arrows have been placed over the grey circle.

Which way is up?

[CN: Reference to drowning, depression]
I wrote this a few months ago. I didn’t share it then because I wasn’t in the right head space to do so. So, I’ve decided to share this post in the hopes that people who experience similar feelings of nothingness get to know that they’re not alone.

Text says: Good Enough can be Good Enough. Black text over a green lightbox star on a grey circle over a green background.

Good enough can be good enough

During the process, I discovered something that has often held me back. I don’t believe that good enough is good enough unless it’s perfect. This is something that prevents me from completing the things that I set out to do.
I can almost hear the voices of the adults of my childhood saying
“That’s not good enough.”