Text says: Where did I go? Grey text on an old fashioned computer disk over an image of an old computer and mouse.

Where did I go?

I went inside my head.
I temporarily “shut up shop” on social media about a week because all-the-things-everywhere became too much.
I needed some downtime, some time away from everything and everyone. I had noticed that everything I read made me cry, want to throw up or throw something, or a combination of all of that.

Text says: I stand with Kassiane. Dark green text on a white rectangle over a light green textured background.

I stand with Kassiane

A thing happened over the weekend, and I expected that people in my community would say “this is not ok”, and a notable few did, but the large majority didn’t.
This was horrible for me, because I’m just a baby activist, and if the community doesn’t rally around someone who has given them so much,

Text says: The story of my family. Green text on a white rectangle over a green bokeh background.

The story of my family

[CN: gaslighting, toxic family]
Something happened yesterday which rattled me to my core. To the casual observer, the thing might seem like no big thing, but it was a big thing to me because it signals the start of a pattern of behaviour from someone else, specifically my father.

Text says: I am not successful. Purple text on a white rectangle over a purple textured background.

I am not successful

A little while ago, someone said to me “When I think of spectrum and success, I think of you.” That sentence has been swirling around in my head for a while now.
I am not sure which measure of success that person was using, but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be considered successful