I have made a decision to offer neurodivergent people the opportunity to contribute guest posts to my website. When I compiled the A-Z of Neurodiversity series in April 2015, I opened up a similar opportunity for that purpose and I believe that it worked quite well. I intend to continue compiling the A-Z of neurodiversity each April, but this is a more general offer for the rest of the year.

Why I’m doing this

I believe in building community and empowering neurodivergent people. Unfortunately, I am limited in what I can contribute to that, but one way that I can is by offering this site as a platform to neurodivergent people. This opportunity is probably most suitable for someone who is still deciding whether to start their own blog, or someone who is brand new to blogging and could benefit from either the exposure or being able to test whether blogging is a good fit for them.

You need to know that exposure doesn’t pay the bills, and this site is not a huge platform, but it doesn’t pay my bills either so I won’t be making money off of anyone’s labour. That means that guest posters will not receive any monetary compensation. This opportunity exists purely for people who benefit from having something they wrote shared on this site and to my Facebook page (which currently has just over 2,000 followers).

If you think that could be you, please read the following guidelines before contacting me. I have put these guidelines in place to ensure that all content aligns with my values as this page is inextricably linked to my name.

Submission Guidelines for Guest Posts

  • You must be Autistic, or otherwise neurodivergent. Neurotypical people have multiple platforms available to them. This platform is for neurodivergent people.
  • Your post must be your original work, and should cover topics that align with this site. Appropriate topics include being Autistic, being neurodivergent, neurodiversity, systemic oppression, human rights, etc.
  • In order to provide signal boosting, it is preferable that your post contains links to work created by other neurodivergent people, so that readers are presented with the opportunity to learn more.
  • Posts that are pathologising, dehumanising, or stigmatising will not be considered for publication on this site.
  • The length of the post is at your discretion but should be at least 250 words long.
  • Images are optional, but if you choose to include them:
    • Please ensure that you have appropriate permission to use the images.
    • Please provide image descriptions to ensure that they are accessible to as many people as possible.
    • Please check that they are a suitable size. Images that are smaller than 600px do not render well on screen. If they are larger than that, I am able to resize them if you cannot.
  • Preferably, your post will be in Microsoft Word format. If that is not possible, we can discuss alternate formats.

How it works

Once you submit your details, I will reply by email within 48 hours to request a draft of your post. I reserve the right to refuse to publish any post either in part or in whole. If I decide not to publish your post, I will let you know my reasons, and I will not keep a copy of your work.

If I agree to publish your post, I will do so as a guest post with appropriate credit to you and a link to your blog, if applicable. The post will be shared on my Facebook page, and I reserve the right to reshare it on my Facebook page in future. You may choose to use a pseudonym if that is preferred. I will not republish your post anywhere without first gaining your express permission.

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