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[CN: Early detection; early intervention]
I read this last night. Australia’s first autism biobank officially opens tomorrow. If I wasn’t so overwhelmingly sad, this would make me angry, but it just makes me sad.
From the article:
“Nearly 5,000 samples of blood, hair and urine, taken from autistic children, their parents and a control group,…

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Dear Grammar Police

I generally try and refrain from cursing in my blog posts. But, for Grammar Police, I have two words: F*ck Off!
If you’re a teacher or an academic, who is responsible for correcting your students’ grammar and spelling, by all means, go right ahead and do that.

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April is coming

I read this from 30 days of Autism today, and I related to it so deeply.
As an Autistic parent of an Autistic child, I would love to be able to shield my child from this aspect of our lives, but if I did, then I would be doing him a disservice.

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How can you not be angry?

[CN: filicide mention, curebie mention]
When people ask why I’m so angry, I want to scream:
“How can you not be?”
Aside from tone policing being completely inappropriate (read this from Autistic Hoya to find out why), I cannot understand why people seem to think that our anger is irrational.