Text says: It’s up to me to invite him to play on the edges of his comfort zone so that gradually his comfort zone increases in size. If he says no to the invitation, then it’s my responsibility to respect that. Green text over a light brown patterned background.

Respect the NO!

My son has every right to say no to me, and when he does I respect that.
There are times when I will ask him why he has said no. Often I’ll find out that I haven’t been clear in the way in my communication. That gives us the opportunity to work together to find a compromise that works for both of us.

Text says: October is Cat Awareness Month | Do your bit to raise awareness about cats. Some people are unaware of cats and that is a tragedy! | Just look at these poor cats. They are so severely cat. Something must be done! Black text on a green creased page with with a black and white image of two cats looking fairly miserable. The page is on a green background.

October is Cat Awareness Month

[Disclaimer: This post is probably not be taken seriously, but there may be an important takeaway message hidden beneath the snark]
I really wanted to write something today, but I’m a bit stuck for an idea, so I’m writing sillies.
At the beginning of the month, a Facebook friend of mine informed us that it was Cat Awareness Month.

Text says: Acceptance is... White text on a dark grey circle over a purple textured background.

Acceptance is…

Today is my birthday, and unlike birthdays gone past, I woke up this morning feeling quite content with myself. Then, I received one of the best birthday presents ever. So, I wanted to share what acceptance feels like and why I am content with myself today. It’s kind of like my small gift to you