Text says: I remember the day... Dark grey text on a purple circle over a purple background with illustrated leaves.

I remember the day…

[CN: parental abandonment]
I’ve shared this story with two friends today, but I think it’s a story worth telling everyone. Some details will be left out because parts of it are not my story to tell. I have a younger half-sister (my mother’s child, not my father’s child), and I won’t tell that part of the story for her.

Text says: Unity. White text over a red-coloured image of a tied rope.


I’ve seen the idea of unity come up a lot this week. I’ve written about unity before, but I have some more words to write about it since it seems to be such a big thing.
A particular call for unity stands out to me:
“We’re all on the same page. We should be working together.”

Text says: maybe i understoof you perfectly. Grey embossed text on a dark green square over a light green background.

Maybe I understood you perfectly

[TW: Seclusion/Restraint]
An article was recently published which alleges that a box was constructed for the seclusion of Autistic people at a site operated by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), which is one of Australia’s autism service providers. They say they’re the largest and they probably are because they’ve gobbled up other smaller service providers.

Text says: Where did I go? Grey text on an old fashioned computer disk over an image of an old computer and mouse.

Where did I go?

I went inside my head.
I temporarily “shut up shop” on social media about a week because all-the-things-everywhere became too much.
I needed some downtime, some time away from everything and everyone. I had noticed that everything I read made me cry, want to throw up or throw something, or a combination of all of that.