Text says: Our rhythm allows us to balance our individual needs in our own unique way. We may march to the beat of a different drummer – but we’re still marching. Dark green text on a white square enclosed by decorative quotation marks over a photography of a leaf.

Finding our Rhythm

I’m a sole parent. I differentiate between sole parent and single parent because my son simply does not have another parent in his life. A lot of people think that fact makes our lives difficult, but it really doesn’t.
We’re actually incredibly fortunate. We’re fortunate because I don’t have to negotiate my parenting style with another person.

Text says: Why the false dichotomy? Why do people believe that if you're not hopping on the awareness bandwagon, you're not contributing towards change? Grey text on a white square over a brown textured background.

False Dichotomies

This thing has been bugging me for a little while now, and I think I’ve finally figured out what it is.
When I have expressed my lack of appreciation (to put it mildly) for pointless, and sometimes harmful, awareness campaigns like Drawtism and SilentSelfie, I’ve been accused of doing nothing because I won’t participate in those campaigns.