Text says: I don't identify as... I am. White text over a green rough circle on an off-white background.

I don’t identify as…

This is something that is beginning to evoke an almost physical response in me: “People who identify as…”
I see it a lot in discussions about gender when people say “people who identify as a different gender to the one they were assigned at birth”. I have also seen it when people say “people who identify as autistic”.

Text says: I don't exist (or the colour blue). Green text on a white rectangle over a green textured background.

I don’t exist (or the colour blue)

[CN: pathologisation of homosexuality and autism, erasure, liub]
Do you ever get that itchy feeling in your brain where you know that there’s an idea just under the surface of consciousness, but you can’t quite connect the dots?
I do.
The first little itch happened last year while I was reading about the historical pathologisation of homosexuality.

Text says: Spectrum Nope. Green text on a black circle over a photo of tomatoes which have been digitally recoloured in the colours of a rainbow.

Spectrum Nope

[CN: Functioning labels]
I spent several hours creating an image today to address misconceptions about the word spectrum. I’m not entirely happy with the finished product, but there comes a time to walk away before too many hours are expended doing the same thing.

Text says: The A-Z of neurodiversity. Z is for Zig Zag. Text is multi-coloured embossed font on a white square on a green background filled with letters.

Z is for Zig Zag

by Michelle Sutton from Michelle Sutton Writes. Z is for Zig Zag. Getting to know yourself is not a straight forward process. I don’t think any of us expect it to be. So, it’s a little surprising to notice that people often want to know the “simplest way to know” if their child is Autistic