The A-Z of Neurodiversity

The A-Z of Neurodiversity is a series of posts which address themes related to the neurodiversity movement and/or paradigm. All posts will be written by neurodivergent people who are Autistic, so while neurodiversity means recognising the value of the diversity offered by all neurotypes, this series will offer a distinctly Autistic perspective.

Z is for Zig Zag

by Michelle Sutton from Michelle Sutton Writes Z is for Zig Zag Getting to know yourself is not a straight forward process. I don’t think any of us expect it to be. So, it’s a little surprising to notice that people often want to know the “simplest way to know” if their child is Autistic, …

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Y is for You

If you’re reading this, then this post is for you. If you are neurotypical, This post is for you because neurodiversity means all brains. I know we spend a lot of time writing about neurotypical people and it may seem like we hate you, but we don’t. We hate the oppression that we experience from neurotypical people …

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Y is for Youth

by Jennifer “Grimalkin” Partin from Felis Autisticus Y is for Youth I’m young as shit. I’ll be just 21 in a week. Young. As. Shit. Sometimes— most of the time— this hinders me. I don’t have a lot of the life experience or the fancy degrees or even the general not-living-with-parents autonomy that older activists …

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X is for X

Wait… what? What is X? X marks the spot.Solve for X. X is the unknown. X feels impossible to define or narrow down. I know what I want. I know I want equality. I know that I want Autistic children to grow up feeling a sense of pride in their identity and being free from …

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