Dear Grammar Police

I generally try and refrain from cursing in my blog posts. But, for Grammar Police, I have two words: F*ck Off! If you’re a teacher or an academic, who is responsible for correcting your students’ grammar and spelling, by all means, go right ahead and do that. When you encounter someone on the Internet who …

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I’m on your side

I was in the middle of a discussion with someone who was expressing really bigoted beliefs when they typed these magic words: “I’m on your side.” This is not the first time that someone has insisted that they’re on my side when they’re very clearly not. That there are opposing sides regarding the non-radical suggestion that all …

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Non-Autistic people: Sometimes, it’s not about you.

So, you’re a non-autistic person, and you see a post that is directed at Autistic people. It may be in the form of a question that asks for specific feedback from other Autistic people. You might decide that you would like to give your feedback too. Perhaps you think that Autistic people may find value …

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