Revision: Sociology of Mental Health

Basically, this is me info dumping in an attempt to revise university coursework in preparation for an exam. These won’t be shared on social media, but anyone can read them if they’re interested.

It’s probably also worthwhile noting that it’s very basic info dumping with very little structure. That’s just how my brain works when I’m studying something. The links between concepts come later, and are built up over time.

Stigma and Recovery

Stigma and Recovery Lay views of psychological differences and attributions of stigma In every culture, there is some notion of emotional and psychological difference, but these differences are not identified in the same way by different cultures. Users of mental health services, rejecting the notion of ‘mental illness’ have often opted for the term ‘mental …

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The treatment of people with mental health challenges

The treatment of people with mental health challenges Social history of psychiatric treatment In the nineteenth century, the dominant view was that mental health challenges were the result of an ‘inferior gene pool.’ This view was challenged by the results of World War One when British officers, who generally came from Britain’s ‘finest stock’ returned …

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The Organisation of Mental Health Work

[CN: Insitutionalisation] The Organisation of Mental Health Work The rise of the asylum and its legacy Incarceration in asylums is seen as linked to the wider scale containment of social deviancy. Goffman (1961) proposed four types of total institutions: Those that care for the ‘incapable’ and ‘harmless’ (e.g., nursing homes) Those for people perceived to …

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Ageing and Mental Health

[CN: Child abuse] Ageing and Mental Health Age and the lifecourse Age is another dimension of social patterning. There are three main concerns when considering age and aging as a social factor: Identification of structural and institutional influences that pattern early exposure to stress. Stress universes for different people at different ages. Identifying key aspects …

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Race and ethnicity

Race and ethnicity Theoretical presuppositions It’s important to note that many social policies have been influenced by eugenics principles. This means that, historically and to an extent today, social policies that intertwine considerations of race and mental health challenges are in fact racist. Race and health A full account of race and mental health challenges …

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